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The BeBetter Academy is a portal of online programs which are designed to make you better in every aspect of your life. If you have a vision - the BeBetter Academy has a way. 

Lars is the teacher in all of our programs, so if you want to focus on how to be better in your personal life or how to sell more and better, he will be your guide. Let's go!

Do you want to sell without selling?

Do you want to get more clients and grow your business? It’s easier than you think. In this program you will learn the craft of creating buyers.

Lars Hajslund

Personal development expert

Hi there. Great to see that you are on a Be Better journey. Let me help you. I have worked with thousands just like you and I’m pretty sure we can make magic happen - also in your life. I know from my own experience that a combination of little talent, lots of passion and some hard work can create amazing results. I’m not offering you a complicated way to success, but a simple and already proven magical journey. Ready to Be Better?

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What people say about Lars

Jes Duus


“I had a rare and golden opportunity to have Lars as mentor in a 6 month mentor program – one of the best personal development experiences in my carrier.”

Chris Curtola


“Lars’ training had a big impact in my life and I am honoured to have had the opportunity to participate with him!”

Svava Arnardóttir


“An academy with Lars required me to take huge steps outside my comfort zone, which is exactly where the magic happens! Thank you Lars!“

Akiko Yanagi Kadota


“I recommend Lars highly as someone who can train global leaders”

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The BeBetter Academy is an online portal for people who want to take control of their professional and personal life. People who know that they want to keep on moving forward, but who need an effective way of setting the right direction, the right goals that suit them as an individual, and then actually reaching them. 

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