Lars Hajslund

Who will be coaching and teaching you?

Lars Hajslund is the coach, motivator and the inspiration behind The BeBetter Academy. With him as a coach, you can rest assured that you will get an interactive, dynamic course with a high level of energy, all at a reasonable pace.

Lars is an experienced coach and he knows how to structure and deliver a professional development course. He has trained hundreds of thousands of employees and managers across the world. He has held courses, seminars, workshops and keynotes in more than 100 countries, and he has a long list of international companies and organisations on his CV.

During the last 20 years, Lars has designed courses based on using the most effective ways for adult learning. He believes that experience is the most important source of learning and development. He will guide you, softly but firmly, through a development, where you will work actively with yourself, with the course material, and together you will get to the core of what drives you.

Lars has a unique ability to ask the right questions. This is so you can learn more about yourself and most importantly, what it takes for you to ignite and then feed the fire that burns within you. That fire makes sure you put in the necessary energy and focus it correctly. This will help you set the right goals for your professional and personal life and help you reach them.

Be better than yesterday

Lars Hajslund, Coach

What people say about Lars

Scott Greenlee

“I have told people since getting to know Lars in 2001 that he is absolutely the best business coach I know in the world."

Kevin Hinds


“The training provided by Lars during the academy is still ranked as one of the greatest experiences of my life, if not the greatest! !”

Pinar Kose Kulacz

“I would recommend this unique person as he is a true leader who can walk the talk.“

Nikolai Friis

"Lars inspire and motivate in a way I have never seen anywhere else. If there where only one guy in the world I could recommend it would be Lars".

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