26. april af Lars Hajslund

I have been part of a great organization the most of my adult life. JCI or Junior Chamber International is a great organization that has as its mission to provide development opportunities that empowers young people to create positive change. I have served on all levels of the organization and were worldwide President in 2006. As part of my presidency we promoted the slogan of Be Better, because we recognized that a lot of the issues the world faces could be fixed if everyone would just strive to Be Better. For the last 10 years I have promoted this everywhere I’ve been and I really see how much this life philosophy of continuous improvement can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Be Better is not massive change overnight, but can really change lives long term. Its small incremental changes in everything you do, but mostly it’s a quest of maximizing the impact we have as people.

JCI is still a main part in my life. I train leaders and mentor members in their quest of Be Better. The Be Better Academy is a way to do this. Empower you through a simple but powerful process, where you start design your life journey and get the tools necessary to create the positive change in your life.

Until we meet again: “Be Better – every day!”

Lars Hajslund, The BeBetter Academy

Founder & life artist.

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