How to Be better

It is about doing things better. About becoming better. About setting a goal and actually reaching it.


Why? Because everything else is a waste of your time; a waste of your potential. And it creates unnecessary frustration that takes away energy from other, more rewarding things in your life.

That is what BeBetter is about.

BeBetter is a course that helps you identify the exact goals that you need to set for yourself, professionally and personally, to get to where you want to be. To a place where you can thrive and be happy with the development you see in your work life and in your career.


This program is for people who want to take control of where their professional life is going. People who know that they want to keep on moving forward, but who need an effective way of setting the right direction, the right goals that suit them as an individual, and then actually reaching them.

You could be well on your way and already have quite a lot of leadership experience, but you have the desire and the abilities to achieve more. You are driven and have ambitions, but you need help to make your plan and then see it through.

Maybe you haven’t yet had experience in a managerial position, but you have the ambition to go in that direction. You want to make a difference and make your mark in the world.

Structure of the course

BeBetter is an online course that has 12 modules. Each module contains 1-3 learning videos with corresponding materials and tasks. You will get the module for the week every Sunday and will then have a week to go through the material and complete the corresponding tasks. This means that you are free to complete the individual modules whenever it fits into your schedule. See more details about all 12 modules here.

Of course, by watching the videos you will be prepared to complete these tasks. BeBetter will also provide you with a reasonable tool box of theory and work models that will help you throughout.

Running in parallel to the 12 modules, there is an interactive sparring course between you, the other participants and the teacher. You will have the opportunity to work on specific challenges and talk about problems that you might encounter during the 12 modules in a closed and confidential forum.

You should expect each module to take around 3-5 hours to complete, depending on how effectively you work and how in depth you want to go with the material.


In just 12 weeks you will be provided with the right tools to get where you want to go and most importantly, you will be able to use them. Once you have completed all 12 modules, you will not only know more about yourself, you will also have a concrete action plan on how to reach your professional goals. Done and ready to set sail. You might already be carrying out your plan, depending on how much work you put into each module.

NExt program starts september 4st


Who will be teaching?

Lars Hajslund is the teacher, motivator and the inspiration behind BeBetter. With him as a teacher, you can rest assured that you will get an interactive, dynamic course with a high level of energy, all at a reasonable pace.


It is 1000 USD to participate in BeBetter.

You will also have access to the videos and corresponding material for 12 months. There is only room for 25 participants on each course at a time.


We know, that the BeBetter Academy will be worth the cost. If you join our 12 modules, you WILL be able to identify what you want and know how to get it. This is why we offer you a money-back guarantee. Meaning, that if you do the work and follow the modules every week you can opt out after completing the first 5 modules and get your money back. The full amount that is. In this way, you will have plenty of time to truly evaluate whether this course will be worth the cost price you pay to participate.

But don't worry - it will be :)


BeBetter starts on Sunday 24th September 2017 at 12 pm.

You will receive one module every Sunday for 12 consecutive weeks.

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