How to create buyers

Do you find it hard to sell? Then stop selling and start creating buyers.

It's about making clients want to buy from you, not forcing them. It’s about focusing on relationships so that you become their trusted advisor and they will buy without you needing to sell to them.

You are probably an expert in your field with a great product or service that could help a lot of clients – but you don’t really feel comfortable when it comes to selling. Take a deep breath and let us help you become confident.

Our program will teach you how to:

  • Find people who are looking for your product or service
  • Develop Relationships
  • Turn Relationships into Clients 
  • Turn Clients into Buyers

It’s all about helping your clients succeed.


Do you have a product that could have value to clients, and you just have trouble getting it out there?

Then this program is for you.

This program is for you who want to take control of the sales process and with confidence create buyers. If you want to move forward and sell better but need a different mindset and tools to do so.

You might be all new to selling or just need a new take on it. We’ll show you the way and guide you how to make this positive change for your business.

This is not a program that will help you get clients without making an effort or without having to talk to people, but it will make you a confident, trusted advisor to your clients and known to helping them succeed.

Take control and start selling!

Structure of the course

How To create buyers is a 10 modules online course. Each module will cover an important part of the selling/buying process and include materials and exercises to maximize the learning process and application of the course.

Learning starts right away and you get access to the first module immediately after purchase. The next 9 weeks you will get access to a new module every week. You will then have to work with the material and practice by working with your clients. You will have the access to the modules for at least one year, so you can complete it without pushing yourself too hard.

You can see more details about all 10 modules here.

Watching videos alone, is not going to make the transformation for you. To learn the craft of creating buyers, you will have to practice and complete the tasks. Every week you will receive assignments related to the module, so you can practice and ensure, that you get the most out of this program.


In just 10 modules you will be provided with the right tools, behavior and attitude to start selling with confidence and get results. Once you have completed all 10 modules, you will not only know more about sale and the sale proces, you will also have concrete tools on how to build a lasting relationsship with your clients that will make them come back  again and again. You will grow your business and know exactly how to get clients. 

Who will be teaching?

Lars Hajslund is the coach, motivator and the inspiration behind this program. With him as a coach, you can rest assured that you will get an interactive, dynamic course with a high level of energy, all at a reasonable pace.


It is $ 999 to get the How To create buyers program. 

You will have access to videos and corresponding material for 12 months. 


We know, that this program will be worth the cost. If you join our 10 modules, you WILL get the right tools and attitude to start selling. This is why we offer you a money-back guarantee. This means that if you do the work and follow the modules you can opt out after completing the first 4 modules and get your money back. The full amount that is.This way, you will have plenty of time to truly evaluate whether this course is worth the cost.

But don't worry - it will be  :)


You can get started whenever you like. After you purchase this program you will receive the first module in your mailbox. Then for the next 9 consecutive weeks you will get access to a new module every week. 

It is that simple. 

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