10 modules

How to help your clients succeed

How to think like a salesperson

Module 1

How do you look at selling? Selling is more about attitude than anything else. Therefore we start this journey by getting the right mindset about selling.

Main topics

  • Setting it straight
  • Attitude, skills and behavior
  • What makes a good salesperson? 
  • Whats your goal?

Selling is all about people

Module 2

Forget about B2B or B2C. People buy from people - therefore we speak about P2P. In this module its all about relationships and we will help you to better understand yourself, your clients and how best to create a relation.

Main topics

  • Introducing the four archetypes
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • You as a salesperson

From contact to contract

Module 3

Sale is a process, and it rarely goes direct from contact to contract. So don’t worry – everybody has to work for it. In this module we provide you with a ‘road map’ which will help you structure your salesprocess and ensure you, that more contacts will become contracts.

Main topics

  • 6 phases of the 'road map' 
  • Which skills do you need?
  • Step up!

Playing field

Module 4

All sales starts before you begin selling. You need to get your basic in place. Know your facts about how you differentiate from others and who your competitors are and what they do. Why should clients buy from you? 

Main topics

  • Your Unique Selling Points
  • Identify your key clients
  • What is your entry strategy?


  • Sell on LinkedIn

Engage people

Module 5

Networking, networking and networking. You need to approach people to engage them - that’s why networking is so importent. We know networking can be challenging, that’s why we in this module provide you with the best tools to effectively expand and strengthen your network.

Main topics

  • How to access stakeholders
  • Make them want to meet with you
  • Shape your business case
  • Building trust

YES - Let me get started

Understanding first

Module 6

First of all you need to understand. Guessing what your clients want and need is an absolutely no go. Before you can create a solution that fits your client’s needs, you must ensure that you understand. Understand before you can be understood. 

Main topics

  • You have a meeting – what now?
  • The key to understand your clients
  • A 4 step process
  • Ask questions 

Recommend solutions

Module 7

Always present a proposal – never send one. The approach to match the clients needs 100% demands a co-creating process where clients are involved. In this module we will inspire you to make a great presentation of your first proposal with an interactive approach to ensure flexibility to reach a solution that matches their needs.

Main topics

  • Make it a co-creation process
  • 4 key behavior
  • Red, green and yellow light

Get commitment

Module 8

First when you have persuaded your client into a buying mind-set, you can gain their commitment and seal the deal. And that is the focus in this module. You must be attentive to the clients signals in order to seal the deal.

Main topics

  • Help them make the decision
  • Do the due diligence
  • Get rid of the yellow light
  • The rules of negotiation

Deliver and grow

Module 9

Everybody loves to work with someone who is enthusiastic and proactive. It makes it more joyful and your clients will trust you to deliver on your promise. It’s important to maintain the relationship that you have built with your client to develop a long-term business venture.

Main topics

  • Make your clients love you
  • Going that extra mile
  • Turn clients into ambassadors
  • How do you want to touch your clients?

Dont talk > ACT

Module 10

Now you know all you need to about sales and the process. So now it’s time to act. You can only be better if you act and practice. In this module we provide you with simple strategies of acting and prioritize time, so you can be better. Not tomorrow, not next week, but N:O:W

Main topics

  • Let the magic happen
  • Defining your goals
  • A 13 week roadmap
  • So now what?

YES - Let me get started

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