12 Modules

Designed to help you become better

The first module comes out on September 4th


The Journey

Module 1

Every journey start with the first step. In module one we will identify the starting point of your journey and set goals for the journey we are taking together.

Main topics

  • Solid introduction to Be Better Academy and our commitment to you
  • The Big Picture
  • Vision work 1.0: What’s the destination of this journey?
  • Definition of Status Quo: Where are you right now?

The Plan

Module 2

A vision without a plan is just a dream. This module will help you identify the steps you need to take to achieve what you want. We will formulate a simple and powerful plan for your journey through the next three months of the Be Better Academy.

Main topics

  • Introduction to your Be Better Success Team
  • Plan your way – why planning works
  • Your route map through the Be Better academy
  • Sharing your plan with your Be Better Success team
  • What matters most to you?


Module 3

Life is filled with “roadblocks” and most of them are created by ourselves. Learn how to change the way you look at things and possibilities. If you sometimes feel insecure, you will love this module.

Main topics

  • What is beliefs and what do they do for me!
  • Can I think and believe differently?
  • Four simple questions that will change your life

In this module you will work closely with your success team.


Module 4

Do you have enough time? Do you want more? Well, we both know that you won´t get more, but you can use your time differently. This module will provide you with a simple approach to focusing on what matters most to you. Simple and effective.

Main topics

  • Planning your week
  • Setting goals
  • Own your schedule
  • Turbocharging your focus


Module 5

Vikings were great warriors and achieved amazing things 1000 years ago. Their main asset were the belief that they were in control and that: “If it is to be it is up to me”. 7 two-letter words that makes all the difference. In this module we will explore your inner Viking and put actions behind them.

Main topics

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What truly matters most to you?
  • You decide your actions

Building your team

Module 6

People need people and you need a great team. A strong team of competent people with different styles and approaches. Valuing differences and having the right strategies to communicate with them is a core factor to your success and this module will give you the understanding of differences and how to communicate well with them.

Main topics

  • Understanding me
  • Understanding you
  • Effective communication

Why wait?

Grow your network

Module 7

The shortcut to success is not knowing everything, but knowing everyone. At least knowing those who can help you, teach you and guide you towards your dreams. Networking is not rocket science, but something that you can start today. In this module you will learn simple ways of growing your circle of influencers through a givers gain approach.

Main topics

  • What’s the way of thinking of great networkers
  • What can you give to your network?
  • How do I keep my network alive and vibrant?

Do good

Module 8

This is an action week. A lot of people have great intentions of doing good – Great people do good. This week will be your giving back through practicing a simple way of organizing a project and take massive intelligent action. You will be working with your success team and your network to do something that has an impact in your community. What you want to do is up to you, but we are going to execute the project within a week and you will be ambitious.

Main topics

  • How to give back and what you gain from that
  • How to do micro projects
  • The power of the week

Money Talks

Module 9

I want you to be rich – whatever that means to you. For me money is energy. It’s what materializes when you put your energy behind your talent delivering what people need or want within a business model that works for you. In this module we will look into your way of thinking of money, your money strategy and how to create a business model that works for you.

Main topics

  • I Love Money!
  • How Rich People Think
  • Your Money Strategy

Lead your way

Module 10

The world is crying out for leaders. Take any challenge in your community, company or country and I will guarantee you that it all leads back to a lack of the right leadership. In this module we will explore your inner leader and during the week you will take the next step on your leadership journey.

Main topics

  • Sell your ideas
  • Motivate your crew
  • Keep Focus

Be Better

Module 11

The two last weeks of the Be Better Academy is created to plan for your future. This Vision Quest will give you a roadmap for your life in all the important life categories. You will put the learning into action and create not only a plan for your future, but also a circle of support around it. In this module we will explore a new way of lifeplanning that will be suited just to your needs and wants.

Main topics

  • Vision Quest – overall vision
  • Defining your Life Categories
  • Category Vision Quest part 1

Climb higher

Module 12

My life has taught me that being ambitious is just easier. Period! Most people never find the energy to really live their dreams, simply because their dreams are not motivating enough. This week we will continue our Category Vision Quest and commit to our future journey with the life philosophy of Be Better. You will define the ways that you will support each other in the coming month or years and how you will celebrate your successes.

Main topics

  • Category Vision Quest part 2
  • Committing to Be Better
  • Keeping momentum with your Success Team
  • How to help others Be Better

So what are you waiting for?

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